VPS (Virtual Private Server) technique separates a large physical server into several dedicated virtual server through virtualization.

Each virtual server has its own IP address, operating system, hard disk, RAM, CPU, customized system configuration and so on. On the other hand, virtual server can also be used as physical server to perform the operations like software installation and rebooting.


The shortcoming of Virtual Web Hosting is that the users share all resources of the host. When some user overuses the resource, other users may be affected due to the overburden. Although the performance of a dedicated physical server is satisfying, the maintenance fee of such equipment is comparatively expensive. Therefore, it may not be a wise choice of small projects.

VPS technique separates a large physical server into several dedicated virtual server so that every virtual server has its own operating environment and get balance from sharing the resource. The virtual server can perform as a physical server as it has its own operating system
and IP address while the full control can be obtained. Moreover, as the virtual servers are isolated, they will not be affected by each other.


Isolated Environment and High Customization
Administrators can customize the configuration of their own servers and install the software based on the flexibility and isolated environment provided by the virtual server.

Resource Optimization
Service Provider can merge the resources together to manage the hosting server to ensure that every customer can get a high quality service and the stability. Idle resources can also be utilized to provide better service than dedicated server.

Control Panel
Self-management platform enables the administrator to manage the server more efficiently and perform the following operations including reboot, backup and monitoring VPS status.

Advantage of dedicated IP address

1. High Security. When the IP is shared by several users, other users may be affected if a website owned by a user is attacked. The only way to avoid this kind of issue is using the dedicated IP address.

2. Promotion Advantage. When a dedicated IP address is used for a website, search engine will consider it as a dedicated website service so that the possibility of being recorded will be increased.

3. Data Confidentiality. SSL protocol can be utilized for a dedicated IP address to provide a better security so that the data will less likely be lost. Such protocol is widely used on different kinds of payment platform.

4. WildCard DNS record. It’s possible that the website cannot be accessed due to a typo made by the user. Such issue can be solved by using the WildCard DNS record if a dedicated IP address is used in your server so that the website traffic can be increased.

5. Direct Access. When dedicate IP address is used for a website, users can use the IP address to visit the website instead of using the domain name.


Virtual website space

VPS can perform like a physical server to be separated into several virtual website space. Such space can match different kinds of demands including SMEs website, product promotion, mobile applications and small portal website. Moreover, due to its flexibility and high security, VPS is able to provide stable data application platform.

E-commerce platform

VPS can perform like a physical server so that some service providers can build their own E-commerce or stable online payment platform through VPS at a relatively low cost.

Database storage platform

VPS is the best choice for SMEs to provide database storage due to its low cost and high security.

Cloud application platform

VPS can be used as cloud application development due to its isolated environment. It can also be used for cloud application in production.

Online game platform

VPS can be used as online game platform due to its high stability and relatively low cost. Service providers can use VPS to provide this kind of service to their users.