Dedicated Environment

Separating a large physical server into several small virtual hosts through virtualization technique, providing private server resources and operating system environment.


DELL POWEREDGE R720 is used as the host server while hard disk raid is deployed to provide a more stable environment for the virtualization system.

Full Management

Customer can perform any customization on their own virtual server through SSH or RDP.

Data Protection

We put great emphasis on protecting customer data and promise that no data will be provided to the third party.

Control Panel Management

Even if the server is not connected to the network, customer is still able to manage the server through the control panel.

Anytime Upgrade

Customer can upgrade the server plan anytime. The updated plan will take into effect after a single reboot.

Daily Backup and 24 Hours Monitoring

A daily backup of all data will be stored to a dedicated backup server. Monitoring system 24 hours monitors the status of each server. Once anything abnormal occurs, SMS will be sent to technical officer at once.


Multiple Operating Systems

Debian/Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD and Windows operating systems are available for choose.

Webmin Control Panel

Customer can choose whether this control panel should be pre-installed or not. Webmin enables user to manage their services including Web Server, Mail Server, FTP Server or SQL server more efficiently.



Connections to the virtual server can be established through SSH/RDP. Users can install their own softwares, configure the server and limit the port access.